Sunday, October 7, 2012


he has inspired me.
flowered a garden of illumination.
he came.
unmasked a wretched pattern.
shook up my world.
no plans.
just an embrace for the present:

i've brought sweet life
to this earth.
predestined mother.
Mine -
she believes in her own defeat.
keeps struggling towards the light,
don't you know Mom
the light is present within.

a reach, a squint is not needed.
a grasp is all.

Flower Beads

memory stay
a future petal
from her sweet

a hot mama
tender kisses
pregnant belly
capture the moments
of her love
a swollen

a concept
like colander
or wildflower seed
a secret parted

the mussels spread
a womb open
flower beads spread
baby tumble
out of parted

Star Goddess

I am a star
Blue and purple Star dust sprinkled onto my nose
I wiggled and sneezed
yielding force as light sabers
from my corporeal center
inside light pulses like an alien invasion
radiating outward
a galactic explosion
I have already been reborn twice
during which you see me twinkle,
already dead
already lived
reflecting in your pool of irises
a gentle breeze
flexed windows in city brick buildings
pulsate with every breath

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


She grasped me as would a gentle man.
I, illuminated like ambulance
with fingertip grips behind back.
I had almost to peer, like through a rabbit hole
see her scabs:
hardly any.
I'd lick them with rabbit love.

When I was young no line existed between the hood
and Wonderland
drawn out branches reaching for the sun
now the line is strict red and solar purple
on an eclipse night. Strung
out home alone with seaweed fetish
a masked parade of flesh
feelings. My only guest:
abstract meaning of a woman
breasts or no breasts, more.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Kiss my lips

pucker. marigold
pollen flies between our estranged lips
sunlight glances
on seashore breaking
waves. a cone shape spirals from my heart
chakra. reverbs outward,
your inspiration
the cause.

lick my heart
while it shines, wolf.
nurture and enjoy the blood
your chemistry creates
a split
the earth quakes. cracks of light
pulsate, destroy heart chakra for phoenix rise.
keep me safe my king, keep me safe.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Harlem to Brooklyn

while pressed against marigold skin
the plants in the sidewalk cracks develop
purple haze gliding from my mother’s voice
she eats shrimp roti on the bench outside cursing the red and blue
police sirens and car horns
I can feel the air and smell
the exhaust brothas yell from the rooftop
in flatbush the view from my best
friend’s window sweat and dick inside
marlboro reds and cat litter
we’re sexin’ cursin’ pushin’
on the train
ride back home to 1st and 59th st
I can feel my sister’s lips and donuts on my fingertips

avoiding the chicken wings and pork fried rice
I run to the bridge in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
I arrive panting
to the smell of arroz y habichuelas glide my hand over the brick outside
reminds me of my mother’s bedroom I smile
at the thought of rose water
oxtails and cat fur
skipping through yellow crosswalks towards home cell phones
blink I puff a joint
ash it under gold nikes

Monday, June 28, 2010


Our babies would be magical creatures,
left alone they would steal
the thorns off the rose bush
step a starlit path in the brambly woods

You are my world right now
because you refuse to be
because I just met you in a world of hearts
on a melancholy string

You are perfect to me
I am totally present
You run through my veins
pump blood through my body
My thoughts reflect your light crystals
When our fingers touch
You are me

I have hopes for us
you wouldn’t believe me
you would not understand
I don’t fall in love with everyone
Sometimes in the summer I do easier

When your fingers touch my skin
it prickles like a dirty cactus
Here is the trivial I want to see you I miss you
I’ll wait
You already know stars reflect in the whites of your eyes
You are not perfect, I don’t love you
You might be temporary I hate you
I don’t trust
You’re just another one
I’m scared of intimacy
You’re not mine
I am a writer My causes?
Your faults
your atrocities
the sun on your back looks like water.
You are me right now reflecting water
in grimy ponds on NYC sidewalks
and Oakland calles

Monday, February 22, 2010


Headed for the mountaintop,
where lives the snow,
we bypass the dirt
where flowers grow
womb of life
where brown color rises
in our flesh,
reflected in our irises.
Blind are we to our own beauty,
so focused on what we want to see.
In front of us is our earth,
same as our skin,
our place of birth,
Here we are, multi race or one,
where exists melanin
same team,
same flag,
same sun.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Love You Raw

I love you raw
like Golden delicious apples
salads tossed like
red cherry tomatoes in auburn summer
mixed with purple kale, baby greens and chard
grated cabbage and beets
chewy raisins and hard cashews
raw okra/artichoke/carrots/celery/asparagus/mushrooms
and ripe green cucumber
a pear for sweetness
topped with ginger, dill, oil, lemon avocado dressing
spicy like cayenne pepper
and imported like red Himalayan sea salt

I love you raw
like emotions
vulnerable on impact
a Mac Daddy truck to a Buggy
no playing chicken here
we’ll both lose

I love you raw
like sloshing sex on my moon
from you,
an unrefined baby I will birth
impure, aqui, always
inhaling yogi breaths
during conception, delivery, maturation
inhale for three/hold six/exhale 9
swirling sticky breath and scent
licking your salt
raw like DeNiro in Taxi Driver
or ragged pink meat

I love you raw
sexy, slutty, nigga and bitch
I love you like gazpacho
I love you like that

I love you raw

Monday, January 25, 2010


Tongue laps breath
behind constricted throat
rough wind blows
an unlit match
head bowed
hiding behind walls
like a cowardly soldier
pee trickling down pants’ legs
a bindhi cow rises
tramples walls of death
into burnt ashes and hamburgers
cooled ash settles
my throat, a present,
voice, my gift